Helena Grande is a writer, curator and translator currently based in New York City where she studies an MFA in Creative Writing at The New School.

She is the author of the flash fiction collection
Speech Choke. Her stories have appeared in Fictional
Journal and the anthology book DW Cities Amsterdam
and her essays in A*Desk, nY and Research Catalogue.

Some of her last publications include:

Email grande.helena(at)gmail.com
IG @_helenagrande

Night Soil, Deleuzine Vol. 1: Sprouting in All Directions,
October 2021

Contra el suelo o devenir mundo cayendo (otra vez)
La Grieta Online, 2017

Ten Recipes to Love Things
You Would Despise Otherwise, 2020

Science Fiction Towards Uncommon Entries and Exits
nY and Veem House for Performance, 2019