2023 Two poems in Spanglish published by diSONARE, Ciudad de México, MEX

Poisoning Omelas
2023 Short sci-fi story anthologized in the collection Daring Shifts published by Editions Clinamen, Geneva, CH

Lion’s Pride
2022 Short story written in response to the work of artist Agnieszka Polska, published by This is Jackalope as part of the catalog that accompanies the exhibition at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES

Rift-Ass Border. Poetics of the Door
2021 Guest Editor of the Summer Issue for the Online Art Magazine A*Desk, Barcelona, ES

Wanting To But Not
2021 Science Fiction story presented as a text-based video at PuntWG, Amsterdam, NL

What Happened to the Ones Who Stayed in Omelas?
2020 Science fiction essay published by Fictional Journal, issue 4, December, Eindhoven, NL

Speech Choke
2020 Flash fiction collection published by Hocus Bogus Publishing and designed by Ronja Anderse.

DW Cities Amsterdam
2020 Five of my short stories were anthologized in this collection of contemporary Amsterdam international writers. Edited by Nadia de Vries, published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Manchester, UK

Science Fiction Towards Uncommon Entries and Exits
2019 Essay published by nY website en tijdschrift voor literatuur, kritiek & amusement, and Veem House Theatre, NL and BE

Ten Thousand Agencies of Observation
2018 Essay on Jon Rafman’s exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, published by Research Catalog. An International Database For Artistic Research.